Thursday, November 3, 2016

Farewell DrJUG. And thanks for everything!

Today was one of those days that I didn't want to have. But sometimes they happen. And even though I'm deeply sad it's my duty to write a few words for an incredible person and dear friend.

Daniel deOliveira was one of the few founding Java Champions. But saying he was a Java Champion is maybe too small for him: he was truly a Champion in many different other things and a Hero for many people. And I'm very relieved that he was able to receive the homage of a Duke's Choice Award at JavaOne 2015.

I deeply believe that all us are born for one specific reason: to leave a legacy. We should leave the world a better place compared to when we were born. And I'm very glad to say that I admire in the utmost level the kind of legacy that Daniel was able to leave for the whole Java Community, the Brazilian Community, and the world.

I was always impressed by his tireless efforts to join people together, to help people to learn Java as craft so that they could have a job and improve their lives, to help deaf people, and to much more. He dedicated his life to helping people, and I'm sure that many of us were touched by some of the magical effort that he did in the past 18 years as the leader of DFJUG.

Java and Java User Groups were such a passion for him that he decided to pursue a PhD degree using the Java User Group ecosystem as the basis of his thesis.

Even far away, living in Kent, UK, Daniel was still involved with DFJUG daily activities. One of these activities was the event that was held in Brasilia on October 29th, 2016. I am deeply honored for being one of the two speakers of this event. This was my first DFJUG event, and the last one with Daniel's presence. It was special for me, and now it's even more.

Daniel wrote an e-mail for me right after the event. I replied him on Monday. Daniel was always a quick replier. But I never got a response. Now I know why...

I could keep writing thousands lines about Daniel and his legacy. But I want to close this note with a huge Thank You. You did your job in a magnificent way. You are irreplaceable. But your legacy will be survived by the many people whose hearts and lives were impacted by you. I'm one of those.

Farewell my friend. And thanks for everything!