Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Open Source Tools for Java Deployment

"If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together" - African proverb.
It's amazing to find out where a journey with a friend can lead you to. This particular journey began almost a year ago, and the friend I'm talking about is +Bruno Souza. I like to quote William T. Slobodian in my talks saying to my audience "Choose your friends wisely. You will become what they are." I certainly hope it's true, and yes, my choice was very wise.

We've been working together, talking and writing about Java, Cloud Computing, Continuous Deployment, DevOps, Software Automation and many other different things. This fruitful partnership resulted in many sessions in events like QConSP, JavaOne, The Developer's Conference, FISL, LinguÁgil, Campus Party and others. Our latest achievement, and so far the greatest one, is the "7 Open Source Tools for Java Deployment" article that we've written together and that made the cover of Oracle Java Magazine, May-June/2014 edition.

The article covers tools that will help you to build a sound deployment pipeline: reduced risks, smaller lead times, improved feedback and quality of life. The 7 tools are:
  1. Jenkins
  2. Chef
  3. Vagrant
  4. Packer
  5. Docker
  6. Flyway
  7. Rundeck
We've also included a bonus: an 8th tool that has just been open sourced a few weeks ago. 

Interested? Go check it out in the official Oracle Java Magazine website: